A little about myself…

I am crafty — the good kind of crafty, not the evil hand-rubby sort of way. I always have always been interested in making my own things, whether it be crafts, knitting, or sewing my own clothes.

A little over a year ago I sort of stumbled upon embroidery and embroidery machines. I was amazed by how you could create so many different neat patterns and letterings on any of your clothes, fabrics and bags, all with one machine. It really opened up a lot of different ideas in my mind.

When I first started, I knew nothing about embroidery machines, so I spent quite a bit of time researching all the different makes and models. After I made my purchase, I figured I might as well put all the information that I gathered in my hunt for the perfect embroidery machine in one place — this website.

I hope you find this resource helpful in adventures in embroidery!